Wild Plant Walks

Learn about practical uses for wild plants.

Come on a wild plant walk to develop your practical knowledge of plants. Learn where to find food, medicine, natural dyes, and other useful things. How to harvest, and how to find good places for gathering. Learn how to create delicious substantial meals from wild plants. Feel the effects of eating wild food every day. Enjoying what is naturally available. 

I am running private one-one and group walks in Devon, shaping the day around your interests. Contact me to arrange a time.

Spring - Spring greens, flowers. 

Explore the vast diversity of edible spring plants, there are over 40 different wild greens you can eat in the spring. Learn the poisons you could mistake them for.

February - May

Coastal and estuary - Seaweed, seashore plants, estuary plants. 

There is always a lot to be found along beaches and estuaries. Learn how to to gather and dry seaweed. How to identify the wide array of edible seashore & estuary plants. 

All year

Summer Inland - Seeds, flowers, leaves

Learn how to gather wild seed for bread and spices. Which flowering plants and trees you can use for medicine. As the summer sun peaks, this is the best time to harvest wild natural dye plants. Shelter from the bright summer sun under the trees by the water where we can find many useful plants.

June - August

Autumn - Fruits & Berries, Roots, Nuts, Lichen, Leaves, Seeds & spices

Explore autumns generous abundance of bright red, purple, brown, and orange beneath blue skies.

Learn low effort methods for processing autumn foods. 

September - November

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