Learning Resources

Here are some learning resources for workshop participants.

Once you have been on a workshop, you will receive a password for the relevant learning resources.

These are living documents that I update and edit from time to time.

Natural Dyeing


Indigo dyeing resources

How to make, maintain and dye with an indigo dye vat.

Botanical Ink making equipment list

What you need to get started making botanical inks.


Introduction to natural dyeing resources


Coming soon!

Guide to fabrics & fibres

What are the easy fibres to use & where to get them from.


Natural Dye plants

A guide to wild plants and plants you can grow in your garden.

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Coming soon!

Bundle Dyeing



Step by step guide to simple silk screen printing

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Printmaking Equipment

Wild Plants

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Wild edible plants

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Poisonous plants & Plants to be wary of