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Wild Colour Walks, Shibori workshops, and Bundle Dyeing

Events in July and August

Workshops for bereaved families and individuals in partnership with Ronan's Trust

Wild Plant Walk

Cirencester, 29th September 10.30am - 12.30pm

Learn how to identify wild edible plants and plants for natural dyeing in the Autumn.

Fruits & Berries - Learn how to identify edible wild berries and avoid the poisonous berries. Which berries you need to cook and which you can eat straight off the plant. Learn a low effort method  to make a wild fruit stock you can use to make stews and soups, or just drink as a healthy kick.
Roots - Knowing the hidden nourishment of wild roots that can thicken winter soups and stews, and which you can dye your clothes with. How to harvest, cook and store roots.
Nuts - How to process and store wild nuts so that they are safe to eat and dye with.  
Lichen - How identify and responsibly harvest edible lichen. 
Leaves -  Identifying wild edible leaves. 
Seeds & spices - Wild seeds are full of flavour. Learn how to identify wild seeds you can use for spicing and flavouring dishes. 

Poisonous plants - Learn how to identify poisonous plant sso you can forage safely.

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Natural Dyeing

The Bothy, Cirencester, 10.30am - 12.30pm

Bundle dyeing silk scarves.

Learn how to create beautiful patterns and prints on fabric using flowers, leaves, roots, and barks through a simple steaming process. An overview of what natural dye plants you can grow in your garden or find in the hedgerow. Explore different mordants and modifiers you can make and use for a variety of effects.

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Ronan's Trust

Ronan's Trust provides nurture and support to those who have suffered a close family bereavement. Through gardening together, and having the opportunity to join our craft workshops we offer a nurturing environment in which families can "be busy together" with others in a similar position. Working together on the land and through crafts offers the opportunity for people to create friendships and reduce stress.

With thanks to Tescos bags of help which will be funding the workshops