On The Land

On The Land

I have found myself walking alone. Out on the land.

Here to witness the unfolding and gather some of it in.

Others pass by on their way. Iā€™m just here to be.

At home in this place under this tree. Held by the gifts of this land.

Abundance carries me fat. Content. Excited. I grasp hungrily.

This meets my deep yearning for home. For connection.

Finding my centre of the universe.

Where I can rest my bones and breathe out slowly.

Getting to Know Wild Plants

All wild plants that grow around us have a story to tell. As you pass by the hedgerow, look deep in to the nooks and crannies. This mass of green we pass by every day as we hurry to get on with our busy lives contains themedicines, foods, and tools of our ancestors. A multitude of edible plants, almost as many dye plants, even more medicines, and an abundance of plants with other practical uses reside there.