Connecting with what it means to be of this land, through practical relationship with the plants and fungi that surround us.

I am a natural dyer, grower, and forager. I explore the land through gathering wild dye plants, fungi, lichen, and algae, as well as growing plants to produce a variety of vibrant colours using non toxic plant based processes.

Natural Dyeing - Out on the land observing and learning from the wild plants that grow around us. Getting to know plants through natural dyeing. Gathering wild plants such as meadowsweet and buddleia flowers, oak galls, and dock roots, or growing dye plants in my garden such as madder, woad, and coreopsis. 

Wild Plants - To be wild is to know how to look after ourselves. There was a time when we all knew the plants that were growing around us intimately. There were no weeds, only medicines, foods, dye plants, and craft materials. We knew when to gather the lime flowers. We knew which tree would give us the best fire wood. Which plants would wake us up, and which ones would send us to sleep. We could read the landscape and find what we needed. I think it is important for us to come together to find and share this plant based knowledge, so it can be common knowledge again.

Teaching/consultancy - Bringing people together to be creative. Sharing technical skills through which we can be creative. Enabling the creation of handmade fabrics will be used and cherished, enduring and being repaired over time.


Workshops, Walks, and Talks

Upcoming & Ongoing:

  • Wild Plant Walks - Identifying all the wild an cultivated plants that can be used for making dyes. 

  • Regular workshops At The Tallet Studios, Gloucestershire. Including Introduction to Natural Dyeing Workshops, Botanical Ink making, Indigo and Shibori Workshops, and Printmaking Workshops. 

  • Natural Dyeing and Ink Making Workshops with The Craft Revolution, in Dartington, Devon.



  • Drawing Workshops with The Craft Revolution, at Way With Words Festival.

  • Drawing Installation in collaboration with Claudia Schmidt in Dartington.

  • Natural dyeing workshops and nature walks with school groups as part of The Bluebell Project with Emerald Ant.

  • Weaving and Dyeing workshops with Naomi Hannam form Creative Roots.

  • Wild plant walks and Seaweed foraging with The Old Way Yearcourse


  • Teaching Natural Dyeing in the wardrobe department at Central School of Speech and Drama, London. Integrating plant dyeing in to period costume making. 

  • Workshops with Dartington. Working with fresh plant materials from the garden. We harvested fresh flowers and leaves from the gardens to create a variety of colours. The highlight for me was working with the fresh woad. 

  • Natural Dyeing Events with Heaps & Stacks in London. Bringing plant based practices in to the middle of the city. 

  • Facilitating Natural Dyeing with children for Somerset Art Works and We The Curious in Bristol.

  • Facilitating Natural Dyeing for Jo Malone, working with fragrance plants. 

  • Wild Plant Walks with Bristol Walk Fest

  • Workshops and walks for London Craft Club

  • Workshops at The Old Kennels, Devon


  • Natural Colour Workshop for Clarks Shoes

  • Wild Food Walks in Bristol and Devon. 

  • Workshops at - ‘A Landscape of Objects’ at Lytes Cary with Somerset Art Works

  • Workshop with Ronan’s Trust, St Werberghs City Farm

  • Workshops and walks at Fire in The Mountain Festival

  • Talk - South West Herb Group

  • Talk and Workshop with Toby’s Garden Festival

  • Workshops and events at @Bristol

  • Workshops at The Old Kennels, Devon

  • Workshops and walks for London Craft Club

  • Natural Colour Workshop for Sunspell

  • Dyeing with Flowers Demonstration For BBC Countryfile

  • Growing Dye Plants Interview on BBC Radio 4 Gardener’s Question Time

  • Wild Plant Walks with Bristol Walk Fest


  • Indigo Dyeing with Stitched Up Coop, Manchester.

  • Working with Amaranth, Museum of Rural Life

  • Workshops and walks for London Craft Club

  • Writing, Common Ground

  • Printmaking - Craft Bath

  • Printmaking - Bristol Folk House

  • Wild Plants Interview on BBC Radio Bristol

  • Wild Plant Walks with Bristol Walk Fest

  • Workshops at The Old Kennels, Devon


2017 March-November - Wild Medicine, Rhizome Herbal Clinic.

2016 February-November - Wild Food, Ffyona Campbell

2015 Horticultural Apprenticeship, Schumacher College

2013 Fellowship in Social Innovation, Year Here

2012 BDes, Product Design, Glasgow School of Art