I am a printmaker, forager, and natural dyer inspired by wild plants and natural forms, birds, and creatures.  

Natural Dyeing - Being in nature is an important part of my practice. I go out foraging regularly, observing, and learning about the wild plants that grow around us. I use many of these plants for natural dyeing. Gathering meadowsweet and buddleia flowers, oak galls, and dock roots, or growing more exotic dye plants in my garden such as madder, woad, and coreopsis. 

Design & Printmaking - Drawing and printing stylised shapes. Through screen printing and lino printing on fabric, I use simple materials to create repeat pattern designs for interiors and soft furnishings. You can purchase my 'Bird Hop' design here.

Teaching - is a big part of my practice, I love bringing people together to be creative. Giving people the technical skills through which they can be creative. Showing people how to create their own designs and printing techniques they can do at home, enabling people to create fabrics they will use and cherish, enduring and being repaired over time.

Wild Plants - To be wild is to know how to look after ourselves... There was a time when we all knew the plants that were growing around us intimately. There were no weeds, only medicines, foods, dye plants, and craft plants. We knew when to gather the lime flowers. We knew which tree would give us the best fire wood. Which plants would wake us up, and which ones would send us to sleep. We could read the landscape and find what we needed. I seek to find and share this plant based knowledge, so it can be common knowledge again.